The Beauty in Suffering

We rarely choose the time and place when beauty strikes us. Often it is not of our own doing and in the moment, we are at a loss for words. The moment speaks to us, but in a foreign language – something transcendental and yet only perceivable by humans.

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Andrew Schwark
The State of FTF: A Summer Blog

When we write to our supporters we tend to talk about daily life and our work in the field. It is all very warm and often very unique. But sometimes it is not very didactic. It’s rarely “just the facts, maam.” Well, this little blog is just the facts. Let’s call it The State of the Summer Blog.

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john heers Comments
You Are Invited on a Journey to the Georgian Republic

Six supporters and five FTF field workers just went to the Georgian Republic. All of us fell in love! We saw ancient Christianity in all of its contemporary glory. We saw profound hospitality from our hosts, incredible singing, funky, unforgettable dishes and world class wine. We saw people in need, people suffering. We saw hard working Georgians who want to be of use to their communities and to their neighbors. We saw Georgia, a country majestically perched between east and west, and we saw it like only FTF can.

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john heers
The Parasite Lesson

Later that evening as I began to get worse, I came back to Freetown, the capital. I knew my body was preparing something pretty bad for the night. I looked at Daniel, my FTF brother: “Daniel if something happens you just hold my hand.” And it began…

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Sergio Castillo
The Carrier of Christ

Walking with evident pain, a man came to the clinic in Waterloo. He had a dirty yellowish bandage on his right leg, a mix of blood, soil and puss that created a unique color and a very strong smell that automatically activates my vomit reflex.

“Kushe-o. Aw di de Docto.” Hello, how is the day going, Doctor? He said in Krio.

I say, “Ten god tenki si. Aw yusef bro? kom naya.” Praise God I say in his Krio language. As a Guatemalan still struggling with American English, the whole scene is really something.

“No gud se. Mi leg de art to mos. Aw no able fo work no mor.” Bad, I have a strong pain in my leg that does´nt let me work

“Ok, wetin na yu name?” Ok, what is your name?

“Mi name Cristopher.”

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Sergio Castillo