The Parasite Lesson

Later that evening as I began to get worse, I came back to Freetown, the capital. I knew my body was preparing something pretty bad for the night. I looked at Daniel, my FTF brother: “Daniel if something happens you just hold my hand.” And it began…

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Sergio Castillo
The Carrier of Christ

Walking with evident pain, a man came to the clinic in Waterloo. He had a dirty yellowish bandage on his right leg, a mix of blood, soil and puss that created a unique color and a very strong smell that automatically activates my vomit reflex.

“Kushe-o. Aw di de Docto.” Hello, how is the day going, Doctor? He said in Krio.

I say, “Ten god tenki si. Aw yusef bro? kom naya.” Praise God I say in his Krio language. As a Guatemalan still struggling with American English, the whole scene is really something.

“No gud se. Mi leg de art to mos. Aw no able fo work no mor.” Bad, I have a strong pain in my leg that does´nt let me work

“Ok, wetin na yu name?” Ok, what is your name?

“Mi name Cristopher.”

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Sergio Castillo
Say Yes: Become an All-Star

When Sergio and I hopped into a kehkeh to see what this basketball thing was all about I tried to recall a single time I’d seen any sign of basketball here—perhaps someone dribbling a ball, a small conversation about basketball, maybe I’d seen a hoop somewhere.  Nothing registered. But this… This was an organized, serious basketball practice.  I began questioning myself. Finally, Sergio and I looked at each other, shrugged and said, “Yes”.

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Dan Padrnos