The Price Of Perseverance

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is what all our impresarios have in common. The more time I spend with our impresarios, the more I’m realizing that one of the less-publicized qualities that Guatemalan impresarios share is a healthy dose of criticism at some of the norms within their own culture. They question things.

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Hawaiian Pizza

Our crazy pizza party is a kind of metaphor, I think, for our lives. Deep immersion takes you so far away from your western mindset. I thought I was going from point A to point B in a straight line, you know, toward a party where I eat pizza. The thing is we never arrived at point B, we arrived at point R along some sort of zigzag circle course that was unnerving at times. And, well, it was…

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Cash, Capital and the Lure of Credit in Rural Sierra Leone (Part 1)

Almost every conversation we have with potential First Things Foundation impresarios inevitably turns to securing money. Part of this stems from the state of the credit landscape In Kailahun, where FTF operates. In Kailahun, there is one bank and one community organization that lends money. The bank caters almost exclusively to the upper class. The community organization lends at rates exceeding 30%. Many people can’t read or write, so going in and securing a loan is a daunting process. Instead, the folks we aim to serve often turn towards community savings groups. These groups are loose credit unions…

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A Locals Vision

Check out this project that just makes sense. We’ve taken to calling it Adolfo’s Badass Idea. But in reality the project is called Turicentro K’achelaj (the Forest Tourist Center). Turicentro is a wide-open, park-like oasis on the forested hillside out in the village. It is a place that aims to bring economic opportunity to the members of this depressed community by bringing tourists out to enjoy the beauty of the place our impresarios call home…

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