Abraham ajiatas calel



  • Age: 60
  • Impresario Since: Jan. 2017
  • Project: Friendship Middle School / Escuela Kamawa'ik
  • Location: Momostenango, Guatemala


Abraham Ajiatas Calel was born into a traditional Mayan family in the mountainous region of Totonicopan. From an early age he was told by his father that the Mayan people were only expected to work the land with their hands and that education was not for them. Not deterred, Abraham eventually managed to recieve a high school diploma, courtesy of a local pharmacy owner.

He went to college in the nearby city of Xela and eventually obtained his teaching license. Remembering the kindness bestowed on him by the pharmacy owner, he decided to open a school in Momostenango: Friendship Middle School. But this would be no ordinary school.

Unlike all other schools in the area, his is completely free and affords poor children the chance to recieve schooling otherwise unavailable. But the school is not without its fair share of hardships. Since Abraham doesn't recieve money from the children, he has sold all his family land, furniture, and most all the teaching or learning items in the school. All this just to stay open a while longer.

FTF is now in the process of helping Abraham with his most critical needs: a leaking roof and a sustainable source of income. Look below for more details!





  • Roof replacement - $6,266
  • Obtain School supplies - $1000
    • Want to help? Donate here
    • Or send school supplies from wherever you are to here to help Abraham.
    • Or run a fundraiser on Facebook for Abraham.
  • Assistance w/ ideas to become sustainable.
    • Want to help? Donate your time to help Abraham plan
    • Or help us find Abraham a sister school that can take trips to see his amazing work
    • Or suggest a partner institution for Abraham
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Check out the roof plans below for details.

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