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Upcoming Journey:

9 nights in the Georgian Republic seeing the lands of mythical kings, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and some of the worlds finest vineyards. Interested?

We will spend nine nights in Georgia. Our destinations will include the capital city of Tbilisi, founded in the pre-Christian era and resplendent with ancient churches, a 5th century Citadel, traditional architecture and some of the finest cuisine east of Istanbul; "the south" which includes the UNESCO World Heritage cave village of Vardzia, home to the mythical King Tamar – Georgia's first (and only) female King and home of Georgian epic poem, The Knight in the Panther's Skin; and Poka, an isolated ethnically Armenian community located on the haunting shores of Lake Paravai. From there, we will head northeast, crossing Georgia's most famous vineyards and head high into the Caucasus mountains on a winding cliff hugging road to the picturesque village of Shenako, located in the Tusheti National Park. Of course our three nights here will include a local Supra and some unforgettable hiking.

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